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Greetings lovers of Trivia,

Our first night of Trivia was a huge success with Quizlamic State taking the win and Pimps on the Run close behind in second place. Congratulations to all who participated!

On Thursday December 7th, Pinche Gringo Warehouse will be hosting the second boisterous evening of our monthly of trivia brought to you by District Trivia, and hosted by the wonderful Quiz Mistress Katrina Barnas! Most questions deal with American culture, so if make sure you brush up on your American history, pop culture, geography and more!

The 5 rounds of trivia are slated to begin at 7PM, so we ask that you come by at 6:30PM as to sign up, form teams and go over the rules.

If you want to eat with us, we are offering a 250$ deal that includes participation in the trivia night, a beer and a meal (choice of meat 230g serving and a side).

If you would prefer just playing and not eating, the cost is 100$ and includes a beer.

The winning team will receive two nice cold pitchers of beer, and second place gets a consolation pitcher that will still taste sweet!